ATTENTION: Eclipse is ceasing all automotive film installations as of October 3, 2019 due to a location change. All residential and commercial flat-glass work will continue.



Window tint can improve the working environment in your office by cutting glare and filtering sun's UV rays out while helping you save money on energy bills.


REDUCE HEAT - Properly treated windows will dramatically reduce the heat entering your office from sunlight, thereby reducing your cooling costs, but our window films can even help with HVAC bills during the colder months as they enhance insulating properties of your office windows and will help keep the heat in.


CUT GLARE & UV RAYS - Eclipse offers ultraviolet blocking window tint that can cut out as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. And that superlative protection against this dangerous ultraviolet light does not mean a lack of bright, pleasant sunshine in your office’s interior.


INCREASE PRIVACY - Frosted window film can be applied your office glass walls to give a better sense of privacy for all your employees. Frost window films can have your company logos on them. Commercial buildings can also benefit from decorative frost film to achieve a better exterior look.


SECURITY/SAFETY - Window treatments from Eclipse can radically strengthen and reinforce the windows of your office, making them almost shatter-proof. If a window treated with window film is broken, it will typically stay in the frame and will hold together in one piece, rather than forming jagged, dangerous pieces.