ATTENTION: Eclipse is ceasing all automotive film installations as of October 3, 2019 due to a location change. All residential and commercial flat-glass work will continue.

Residential Window Benefits


Properly treated windows will dramatically reduce the heat entering your home from sunlight, thereby reducing your cooling costs, but our window films can even help with HVAC bills during the colder months as they enhance the insulating properties of your home’s windows and will help keep the heat in.


When a property’s windows are treated with quality window tinting films, as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked, while more than 80% of the warming infrared rays are stopped cold. Window films still let plenty of natural light pass through, however, making these treatments a great choice for home owners who want to enjoy sunlight but doesn’t want to run the air conditioning system for months straight.


Few products offer the types of benefits as window film: once a property is fitted with window tinting films, there are both immediate benefits as well as long-lasting gains. Just as soon as a window film project is completed, the property in question will enjoy cooler days during the summer thanks to the reduced penetration of warming sunlight and warmer days during the winter thanks to the added insulation and heat reflection, which keeps warmer air inside when it’s cold out. The long-term benefits of window film are even more profound than these quick results, though: over time, properties treated with window film end up costing thousands less than similar yet untreated locations thanks to the dramatic savings on electric bills.